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Nana, thank you for all the wonderful memories these past 26 years. I am so lucky to have been your youngest grandchild. Thank you for attending all my dance recitals, graduations, and misc. events. More importantly, I will always cherish all our shopping trips, the days you babysat Maria and I, and even the days I just got to sit next to you and hang out for a few mins or even a few hours. Love, Deanna
Nana, I will miss you so much and will always cherish our memories. You were an inspiration. I remember coming over your house when I was younger and the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen. To this day, every time I smell coffee brewing I think of your house! You were always so funny and made us all laugh. I remember when you were visiting and were probably tired and wanted to go back home, you would look at the clock and say, "boy that's a nice clock". This gathered our attention that it was time to take you home. Every Christmas I hang the ornament on the tree that you gave to my parents when I was born. That will forever be hung on the Christmas tree each year. I remember always being really excited to come over when you were making your gravy. It was always so good! And I always remember loving the chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes, pasta "cheech", sausage scallopini, and pizzelles you made. When Erica and I moved into our home, I took notice that I can regularl